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  • When I checked the internet for self storage companies, I had affordability in my mind. After comparing the rates with other companies I found City Closet Self Storage providing storage at a really low cost. I could not believe I could move-in for $1!. I went through the features being offered and found them compatible with the best available. What more can you expect? Cheers to this self storage company for providing really cheap services. Low cost generally means compromise with the quality but this company works on the principle of quality at great prices.This self storage company has done a great job for me and my family. Clean rooms, safe buildings, friendly staff and affordable prices. They work hard to make things right. Highly recommended.
  • I used to nag my husband for being a cheapo. He normally has an eye on the price tag when buying anything. Initially when he selected City Closet Self Storage, I thought that he wanted to go with them because all he was looking at was their prices. I still don’t know why he chose them, but they have been great.
  • I try to choose the best for myself and my family. I feel proud to say that I have chosen the best company for my self storage services; City Closet Self Storage and Moving. I have tried others but they are the best. This self storage company has every other company behind it in respect of services, cost and customer support.
  • The City Closet Self Storage professional staff is ready to make things easy for you. They create such an easy going atmosphere that you feel comfortable dealing with them. Keep up the good work guys!
  • I have used self storage services from City Closet Self Storage for a long time. I have seen this company progress. This has been possible because of their attitude to attain the best in whatever they get ready to do. The buildings are clean, the employees are nice and the prices are competitive.
  • Here is a self storage company that takes care of all your troubles right from moving the things from home to safe storage and back. No need to worry about arranging for means to move the things to and fro. You hire city closet self storage and forget about inconvenience. This is my experience with this company that speaks a lot in favor of it. I am a person who doesn’t believe in many words. However I don’t spare words of admiration for those who deserve them.
  • I used self storage services from this company for a few months and was told they would give me the first month for just $1 in rent. In this world of manipulation when every other company is trying hard to cheat with their terms and conditions, here is the company that works with ethics. They did what they said. You can’t ask for more honesty.
  • I was confused about the size of self storage that I require for my belongings. After making comparative study of rates I short listed CCSS. On contacting manager of this company I was told by the manager to come over to the self storage location with the complete details of the items that were needed to be placed in self storage. Interacting with the manager of this company in a warm and friendly manner I was explained the requirement of the space practically. To my surprise these people offered me half the space that I thought of. Lesser space required means lesser money. That makes me state that this company is genuinely working by keeping customer’s requirement at the forefront, no false calculations for making money.
  • To be very frank, initially when I decided to use City Closet services, I was apprehensive of the security arrangements that this company will be able to provide for my valuable belongings. I made it a point to visit the premises of storage location to have a look at the security arrangements. On my visit to this self storage company I made up my mind to have the services of this company. It has been couple of months since I have placed my belongings and thought of writing what this company has to offer.
  • I had been using self storage for quite some time. The previous company was providing me satisfactory services and I was not looking to change, but they were pretty far from my apartment so I started looking for one that was closer. I was successful in finding the Brooklyn self storage facility of City Closet Self Storage right near me. After inquiring with this company I found the facilities better and at lower costs. I decided to shift my belongings to this storage and I am happy to state that at times one should keep on looking for more to have better options. Since this company is in existence for quite some time I wish I found them earlier.
  • Each time I am sent overseas, I don’t have to worry about leaving my belongings in my home. I am always afraid someone will break in when I am gone, so I leave my stuff at City Closet Self Storage – safe and secure. This professionally managed company has been serving me well for last few years.
  • When you are working for cost cutting how can you afford self storage? It is in these hard times, I along with my family have been trying to make ends meet with the hope that these hard times will pass quickly. In such a situation of crisis my special thanks to the people at City Closet Self Storage. This company has understood the grueling circumstances through which my family is experiencing. I had a lay off. Before having new job I left that big apartment and moved to a small apartment. City Closet come to my rescue. They have taken care of all my belongings that were not able to fit in my smaller apartment and at an affordable price. Things will change for better in coming days but this company will have special place in my heart.
  • Who knows how things got accumulated in my home with time. With each passing day items in our home increased such that there was no remaining space in home. Few of the seasonal items had to be kept out of our house. But things kept in open made my husband furious. I also was not happy with the turn of events. I did an internet search for storage space and was happy to know that there are self storage services available in the neighborhood. I contacted City Closet Self Storage and was provided secure space for my belongings with the ability to access my items whenever I need. Now I place all the items not required at home in my storage unit. City Closet Self Storage has top notch customer support. You don’t have to look beyond this company if you value your belongings.
  • Our company’s office needed a facelift, we decided to renovate our office. We hired an interior designer to provide latest modern decor for the office. As the time approached for the start of renovation work, we had to move to a make shift office premises on rent. After discussion within our office members we decided to hire a small office for the period when work will be in progress. Now the trouble was where to keep all the excess office documents and office furniture. Our interior designer suggested placing those office items in self storage. That’s how we landed at City Closet Self Storage. Personally we were given various options that may fit our requirement by the customer support staff. In a true professional manner we were treated and offered the best services by the company. We are back into the renovated office with all the documents and furniture; all the items in the same state as we put them in. We recommend these storage services to anyone who is in search of space to store things for some time.
  • We had just moved to Brooklyn since I had to change my job (financial meltdown taking its toll). You know shifting from New York City to Brooklyn was not only tiring for me but also made me worried with the thought that how will we manage to get all the things into the small apartment that we had rented. We had to rent a small apartment; after all we had to go for cost cutting to offset the lower income. Now the big trouble was what to do with excess of household items? These items had to be temporarily put in some place by the time we could have a big apartment as per our family’s requirement. It was my friend who suggested putting these extra items for the time being into City Closet Self Storage. I got a very affordable self storage unit where I have put my belongings. I was saved from getting into big trouble by this self storage company.
  • With space in my home packed to the capacity and not able to afford bigger at present, I had no option but to use a self storage facility. My top priority was to hire space with that company which gives top priority to safety. Few months down the line, I am very pleased with the services of this self storage company. I got what I desired from this company. For those who are on the look out for self storage rely on this company.
  • When putting my valuable belongings into self storage, I was concerned about the safety of these items. What about the insurance coverage for these items? When I contacted City Closet Self Storage, I was told that my belongings could have insurance for a few extra dollars. I readily agreed to that. The insurance coverage that was offered had very clear terms and conditions. Thank you.
  • The first thing that struck my mind when I thought of self storage for my personal belongings was whether the environmental control in that storage space will be sufficient. Too much heat can cause cracks and too much cold or moist can develop mold and mildew. After checking out the Long Island City location of City Closet Self Storage, I moved my stuff right in.
  • I am a businessman and I liked this company because of its working attitude. In this competitive world to show that one cares for you is something unfortunately not very common. City Closet Self Storage cares about its customers. I’d use them anytime I need more space.
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